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K1 Sparring

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Taking it to the next level…

Sparring is where you get to put your skills to use and at the same time make sense of everything you do in your normal combat class. We teach sparring in a very progressive and safe way. Every one starts with non-contact games to develop footwork and progresses to points fighting. From there we assess each students strengths and weaknesses and help them to choose the discipline that suits their individual style best. From then on we outline a pathway to develop those specific skills needed to succeed in their chosen form of kickboxing.

There are many different forms and rule sets of kickboxing, points fighting, light continuous, K1, Full Contact, Muay Thai, Sanda plus a whole heap of  variations for each of those styles too! Points fighting uses light contact punches and kicks to score, FULL SAFETY EQUIPMENT IS WORN, including head guards, padded vests and leg and groin guards. The main targets are your mid body and head. It’s great fun and teaches athletes to be fast, accurate and controlled. All our students start with points fighting as it’s the best and safest way possible to develop the skills and confidence needed for any of the other disciplines. 

It’s not about knocking each other out but out smarting your opponent and getting points in a game. It is like tag, just hit your opponent without getting hit or tagged back. It’s a fun and safe way to practice fighting with respect for your teammates. 

Competing to be the first person to strike a target teaches students to be very fast, increases accuracy, fast thinking, precise counters and clever movements. This type of sparring increases speed, timing, blocking, dealing with confrontation, learning how to take a hit and avoiding hits. Athletes have fun trying to score without getting scored on. It is like tag with kickboxing techniques.

Judges can give points for accurate strikes and competitors can win by getting to a certain number of points first or by the highest total points in an allotted amount of time. Generally, hand strikes are worth 1-point, kicks 2-points, head kicks 3 points and jump/spin kicks 4 points. Point contests raise the level of competitiveness and strategy. It’s all about light and fast contact. IF STUDENTS HIT TOO HARD THEY CAN HAVE POINTS DEDUCTED OR BE DISQUALIFIED

Points fighting helps you overcome your fear of confrontations or fighting in a fun way. Learn to think fast, assess mistakes, improve strategies and counter decisions all in the moment. Build your self-defense and fighting reflexes to help you excel in any sport and teach you how protect yourself at the same time.

K1 Kickboxing

Monday, March 5th, 2018

The TKC Evolution martial arts curriculum – more than a martial arts class! As well as offering a comprehensive training program for new or experienced adult fighters, it is also a complete child development program. Developing motor skills, aiding cognitive development as well as general life skills, there is NO better activity to for your child to be involved in, no matter what age they are!

The journey can start from just 3 years old and takes in skills from a number of cultures throughout the world from Korea (Taekwondo), Japan (Karate), China (Kung Fu), Great Britain (Boxing), France (Savate) and Thailand (Muay Thai). All these skills are carefully woven together to provide what I believe is the most complete kickboxing education available. Add to this real world age specific self defence and life skills and you’ll see why just calling it a martial art doesn’t do it justice, this is the best child development program you’ll ever find.

AND if you’ve got this far and you’re thinking ‘sounds great, but I really don’t want my little one hitting someone or getting hit’ well here’s the thing, they don’t have to if they don’t want to, there is no contact involved while they learn the basics and once they get to orange belt they can choose to take part in an additional sparring class. Up to the age of 14 sparring is non-headshot and  is incredibly safe, in fact it has a better safety record than rugby, football and even ten pin bowling!

Part of the reason for it’s excellent safety record is that it takes many years to become a martial arts blackbelt (usually between 6 and 10 years depending upon the discipline), compare that to a PT qualification that can be achieved in less than 6 months. There is often confusion between aerobic kickboxing classes which can include pad and bag work and can be great fun, but unfortunately they don’t teach correct technique and cover very few of the huge variety of moves in the sport and definitely DON’T provide any real world self defence skills.

Super Hero Academy

Monday, March 5th, 2018

The Super Hero Academy sets the foundation for motor skills development and lays the foundation for an active and healthy future. Our whole curriculum and age divisions are targeted to the stages of development and the 3/4 years really sets the tone for your child’s journey with us. Building self confidence, communication skills, social interaction and mobility in a fun way. Each week we work on one skill set with games, mini obstacle courses and challenges. Classes are themed around nine core skills:

  • Throwing & Catching
  • Running & Jumping
  • Kicking
  • Punching
  • Blocking
  • Rolling
  • Crawling
  • Balancing
  • Hopping

Children work to their own level earning skill stars along the way, aiming to fill there star chart each term to ‘level up’ their Super Hero . Super Hero Academy is a great starting point for moving into our 5/6 year Ninja Academy classes where they can continue their development.

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