Ninja Academy for ages 4 to 7 years

A fun and challenging skills development system at Get Hyped in Frinton on Sea / Walton on the Naze.

A complete child development program…

Tuesday – 4:15pm to 5pm
Thursday – 4:15pm to 5pm

At the Get Hyped Studio, The Triangle, Frinton on Sea, CO13 0AU

Our Ninja Academy lays the foundation for an active and healthy future. Of course we teach the fundamentals of kickboxing , but you can’t kick if you can’t stand on one leg! Therefore motor skill development, or physical literacy as we like to call it, is the highest priority.

Our Ninja Academy classes target all the stages of development between four and seven years, and sets the tone for your child’s journey with us. Building self confidence, communication skills, social interaction and mobility in a fun way.

Each week we work on one skill set with games, mini obstacle courses and challenges. Classes are themed around eight core skills:

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Dexterity
  • Locomotion
  • Memory
  • Tricking
  • Teamwork

and the four core kickboxing skills:

  • Kicking
  • Punching
  • Blocking
  • Footwork

This wide ranging skill set is not found in any other childrens’ activity, and is transferable to any physical activity your child may participate in over the coming years.

Each skill has nine different levels increasing in difficulty. The Ninja’s work to their level in class, when they achieve each level with ease, they move on to the next
We run a graduation day at the end of each term where the Ninja’s are tested on each skill in order to progress to the next level. We only invite Ninja’s to grade if we are 100% certain that they will pass based on their performance in class. If we have concerns we will give you drills you can work on at home. We are all about building confidence, not destroying it! If your Ninja still needs more time we will let you know in advance so you can ‘arrange to be busy’ on that day, so unfortunately they won’t be able to attend! Please understand we have to walk a fine line between upholding the integrity of the grading system and keeping the children happy, so your co-operation is essential.
They will learn a lot! Far to much to put here. However heres a few highlights:

Parents phone numbers
Their home address
Left’s and right’s
Static and dynamic balance
Throwing & Catching
Tricking moves – Cartwheel, forward roll, tuck jump
Multi direction footwork patterns
9 Locomotion movements
8 Punches
8 Kicks
8 Blocks
8 Bodyweight exercises
8 Agility ladder drills
K1 Kickboxing Combinations 1-4

Plus a LOT more!
Shorts or jogging bottoms/leggings, and a t-shirt, please DO NOT bring your child in a dress or skirt! Also bring a drink, preferably water in a re-useable bottle.
We have plenty of 4 and 6oz gloves, and they don’t tend to smell like the bigger ones! Of course you can buy them their own gloves. We do tell everyone to avoid buying the Lonsdale gloves sold at Sports Direct, they offer no support or protection at all, unfortunately not everyone listens and we will be banning them from being worn in the near future. We highly recommend Farabi gloves which can be bought from Amazon or ebay at a very reasonable price.
Your child may also hate going to school, cleaning their teeth or having a bath, they still have to do it though! Certain parts of the class require the children to wear gloves, if they don’t wear them, they can’t participate, if they don’t participate they won’t be able to do their grading. It’s no different to having to wear shin pads in football or wearing a helmet to ride a bike, or even having to wear a coat in winter! Whilst we fully understand some children have sensory issues, there are no exceptions.
Please don’t arrive any more than five minutes before class begins as we need time to set up and can’t keep an eye on your children whilst we are doing so.
Our starting age used to be 3 years old. The development in the 3rd year is so varied it is really difficult to set in stone the right age for a child to start. We’ve had many 3 year olds who are more than capable of attending the class both physically and emotionally. We’ve also had many that just aren’t ready. We are always happy to meet with your child first if you feel they are ready, but please do not be offended if we tell you they aren’t quite ready yet! The good news is they will be added to the waiting list, and you can always try again in a few months.
No, we do not offer free trials. We have a waiting list for most classes and our prices are exceptionally low. You will see other martial arts schools constantly using paid advertising on social media, offering free trials to gain new members as they struggle to attract and retain students. When spaces do open up for any of our classes they tend to be filled very quickly.