K1 Kickboxing classes for 8 to 10 year olds

Kickboxing classes at Get Hyped in Frinton and Walton.

K1 Kickboxing (school years 4 to 6)

Tuesday – 5pm to 6pm
Wednesday – 5pm to 6pm

At the Get Hyped Studio, The Triangle, Frinton on Sea, CO13 0AU

8 to 10 years, ‘The Golden Age’

8 to 10 years is known as the ‘golden age’ for a child in terms of fully developing their physical literacy. Their levels of concentration, co-ordination, balance, social skills and communication are sufficient to perform more complex tasks at a high level, whilst they still have the natural enthusiasm to embrace new things wholeheartedly.

Why Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is constantly evolving, it takes in skills from a number of cultures throughout the world from Korea (Taekwondo), Japan (Karate), China (Kung Fu), Great Britain (Boxing), France (Savate) and Thailand (Muay Thai). In our curriculum all these skills are carefully woven together to provide what we believe is the most complete kickboxing education available. Add to this real world age specific self defence and life skills and you’ll see why just calling it a martial art doesn’t do it justice, this is the best child development program you’ll ever find.

AND if you’ve got this far and you’re thinking ‘sounds great, but I really don’t want my little one hitting someone or getting hit’ well here’s the thing, they don’t have to if they don’t want to, there is no contact involved while they learn the basics and once they get to orange belt they can choose to take part in an additional sparring class. Up to the age of 14 sparring is non-headshot and  is incredibly safe, in fact it has a better safety record than rugby, football and even ten pin bowling!

Class Structure

In this age group we hold pads for the students, this is one less thing for them to worry about so they can concentrate on building the very best core technique possible. Our typical class structure is:

Warm up

Including sprints, locomotion movements, footwork patterns and stretching.

Core technique

Working on punches, kicks and defence techniques on pads or bags from our number system.



We breakdown the combo of the week on pads or bag.


We have a variety of games we like to play in class, from combat tag variations that are a pre-requisite to sparring to dodge ball and prison break for a fun end to the session.

Classes start at £5 per session. Click here for full details
Yes, we run a comprehensive grading system approved by the BMABA. Gradings are held 3 times a year. Students will be told the criteria for their grade in class, not everyone will grade everytime!
This is the right class for them! We go by school year, not age. Your child will move up to the next class in September when they begin High School.
Shorts or jogging bottoms/leggings, and a t-shirt, please DO NOT bring your child in a dress or skirt! Also bring a drink, preferably water in a re-useable bottle.
We have gloves they can borrow BUT they don’t smell particularly great! We recommend getting your own gloves, they don’t have to cost a lot, £12 to £15. You can buy from Amazon or Ebay, makes like Farabi, MaxX and Lion are good quality and very reasonably priced. Please DO NOT buy the Lonsdale gloves from Sports Direct, they are poor quality and offer no protection or wrist support.
Please don’t arrive any more than a few minutes before class begins as you will be waiting outside for the previous class to leave. The gym is small and many parents stay for our little ones class, there is no room for you to wait for your class to begin.
Only if they are in the same age bracket, if not they will be in their own age group, we have age ranges for a reason and we will not compromise the class structure to accommodate students of a different age.
No, we do not offer free trials. We have a waiting list for most classes and our prices are exceptionally low. You will see other martial arts schools constantly using paid advertising on social media, offering free trials to gain new members as they struggle to attract and retain students. When spaces do open up for any of our classes they tend to be filled very quickly.